Hi Anh,

You need Ekiga 4.0. I think that silk is automatically installed. On debian, silk is present, cf. https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=opal&arch=arm64&ver=3.10.10%7Edfsg2-2%2Bb2&stamp=1488844674&raw=0.


On 29/03/17 15:13, Anh Cao wrote:
Hi Eugen,

Does Linux version support SILK?
I tried to install on Ubuntu but there is 3.3 version.

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Anh Cao

On Mar 29, 2017 10:58, "Eugen Dedu" <eugen.d...@univ-fcomte.fr> wrote:

I wrote the following lines for Windows build at that time:

# disable silk non-free codec
confopal := $(confflags) --disable-t38 --disable-fax --disable-silk

So it is disabled in Windows executable...

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On 29/03/17 11:05, Anh Cao wrote:

I'm using 4.0.2 version on Windows. Is SILK only available on Linux?


On Mar 29, 2017 09:59, "Eugen Dedu" <eugen.d...@univ-fcomte.fr> wrote:

On 29/03/17 10:20, Anh Cao wrote:


I'm a newbee here and I see that Ekiga curently supports SILK codec. But
when I go to Preferences\Audio\Codec , I do not see it is here.
Could anybody please help me what is the real SILK codec in the codec list
of Ekiga?

What version of Ekiga are you using?  In version 4.0 it should be there.
Perhaps opal package has not been built with it.  Do you use windows or
linux (which distribution)?

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