On 01/22/2018 08:58 AM, Damien Sandras wrote:
> Indeed. Ekiga 5 is ready since 2 years except for the IM part.
> However, releasing it requires several hours of polishing, writing a
> new manual, updating the website, the ekiga.net platform, and so on.
> I do not have the time anymore to dedicate all my evenings and all my
> week-ends to free software development.
I work for companies that allow some open-source development.  As they
use open-source, they recognize that this is the cost - instead of a
license fee. 

I moved on to linphone to get IP6 support.  One annoying limitation of
linphone, however, is that you can listen on IP6 or IP4 - but not both. 
I still use diamondcard.us and ekiga.net - but mainly I use peer to peer
SIP with IP6.  I have to switch the config to IP4 to use
diamondcard/ekiga.net.   I could run linphone on IP6 and ekiga on IP4 -
but echo cancellation doesn't work with ekiga-4.0.1 on Fedora (maybe one
of the libraries).

Ekiga has a much better address book than linphone.  This is actually
even more annoying than switching between IP6 and IP4.

Trying to get the word out that you don't actually need telcos - other
than a humdinger of a network effect.  P-to-p SIP for the win!  Sure,
the "phone numbers" (IP6 addresses) are long, but it just goes in the
address book!

> It makes me more sad than you can ever imagine, but currently, there
> is noone developing on Ekiga itself.

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