On 02/14/2018 09:55 AM, Steve Spence wrote:
> I can send an outbound call from ekiga through my freepbx server, if
> the contact is in the format of sip:xxxxxxxxxx@ where the @ is
> followed by the ip of my freepbx server, and the x's are the 10 digit
> phone number of the person I'm calling. Is there any way to preset the
> @ipaddress part so users won't have to input that when making an
> outbound call?
It works for me on ekiga-4.0.1 with a domain (sip.diamondcard.us) - I
set up an account, and contacts are of the form "sip:18001234567".  This
is a feature of ekiga that I really like.  When I right click on a
contact, the popup shows configured accounts to complete the sip address.
Have you tried creating an account?  Maybe you need to add a name in
/etc/hosts ?  Is the problem that freepbx does do registration, and you
are making a peer to peer call?

I use IPs for direct peer to peer calls, normally with IP6 (which ekiga
doesn't currently support - I use linphone for that). 

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