Hi Tony,

It is weird. This morning I started Ekiga again. Camera went on, saw the picture and Ekiga did not hang. The error message about the network is still there but that is irrelevant. Ekiga is functional and I could make a call.

The computer was suspended overnight but definitely not reset. The only thing I can imagine is that another application was claiming the camera. And by closing the other application the camera was released. I don't care, I don't use Ekiga with a camera. It just should not hang.

I was unable to find ekiga.conf. Used "sudo find / -name "*ekiga.conf*" ". But it is not there. I also started with "-d 3" to see if the log output would show the config file opened, no way. The settings are retained, really. There is no ~/.gconf/apps/ekiga directory (after I deleted it).

Thanks anyway, at least Ekiga works again.

Kind regards


On 2018-04-16 06:54, Tony Moody wrote:
Hallo Hans,

I didn't answer your question . > How do I delete all Ekiga settings wherever they are?

Yes, *Find that ekiga.conf .* Rename it and you are good to go and do a fresh instal.

Let us know.



On 15 Apr 2018 at 23:02, Hans Linkels wrote about :
Subject : [Ekiga-list] Ekiga hangs at startup

> Hello all,
> Ekiga 4.0.1-5
> Debian Jessie kernel 3.16.0-4-amd64
> After installation Ekiga worked well. I was able to register with my SIP
> provider. Place telephone calls also worked.
> Then I tried to switch on my camera. This worked for less then a second,
> then Ekiga terminated. When starting it again, it displays this message:
> Ekia did not manage to configure your network settings automatically [...]
> And it hangs solidly. Nothing to do except a kill command.
> The camera button is still pressed. So the setting is still "Camera ON".
> I think this causes the problem. But I cannot disable it.
> It tried to uninstall --purge Ekiga, but the settings are retained.
> I tried to delete the config settings. I believe they were in
> ~/.gconf/apps. I deleted the ekiga directory.
> My settings are retained, no matter what I do. When I start Ekiga with
> the debug option enabled I see in the console Ekiga is trying to connect
> with my SIP provider.
> Since Ekiga worked until I enable the camera I want to delete the
> settings and do the configurations again.
> How do I delete all Ekiga settings wherever they are?
> Thanks
> Hans Linkels
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