I would like to sign in to my account.  I save my username and Password in my 
KeePassX password manager, but after 8 attempts(8 accounts I had to make, your 
system really is wasteful!), even though on the 8th attempt I log into the 
webpage https://www.ekiga.org/user for a brief amount of time, when I 
logout(there is no place to officially logout, the closest guess is to just 
close that tab of the browser), and then when I log back in is says the 
password is incorrect.

My six accounts below:
SIP address:
sip: tq6b1ud...@ekiga.net

Again, from start I used the password manager to create the account, including 
using it to enter in my password two times in a row from the very 1st time I 
had to when creating my account.

This is a simple process, one which there is no way for the user to error on.  
Your system is at fault and I want this problem to stop.

Please get back to me on what I have to do to sign on.  And where is your 
missing log-out link?


Andrew Comly
1 908 386 95 70
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