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>> Due to the lack of time, and to the last outages, I have taken the
>> decision to discontinue EKIGA.NET before the end of the year.
> what about to get a sip address from now on
There are other free SIP service providers, for example

> How can one use ekiga or is the project dead?
The source code of ekiga is still available, but not developed
further since quite some time.

> What is
This is the website of the ekiga _software/project_.

> What is I cannot reach.
I think it was the same as (the website of the ekiga _SIP
service_), but don't nail me down on that. :-)

> Have I to use linphonec?Linphone (the software) is certainly an alternative 
> for Ekiga nowadays.
Under GNOME you could also use Empathy, IIRC.

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