Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: da25523889812700329a9144141993f52b2cc6a4
  Author: Riccardo Murri <>
  Date:   2018-03-05 (Mon, 05 Mar 2018)

  Changed paths:
    M elasticluster/share/playbooks/roles/samba.yml

  Log Message:
  SAMBA: Parameters `smb_workgroup` and `smb_shares` must be lowercase.

  Commit: b723bbf6d27e2e96eb938382ba7bc1fc975f1684
  Author: Riccardo Murri <>
  Date:   2018-03-06 (Tue, 06 Mar 2018)

  Changed paths:
    M elasticluster/providers/

  Log Message:
  EC2: Use AWS credentials as written in the config file.

This should solve a few recent bug reports, where it was noted that
the AWS access credentials had to be defined as environmental
variable (`AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID` and `AWS_SECRET_KEY`) in addition to
being in the config file: the reason being that ElastiCluster code was
passing the AWS credentials to `boto.ec2.get_region()` which basically
silently ignores them, instead of using `boto.ec2.connect_to_region()`
which does the right thing.

Many thanks to Sergio Mafra and Hatef Monajemi for reporting the issue!


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