Hello again,

> --mail-user option of SLURM does not work.

It's not supposed to, I'm sorry to say.

Setting up an email server that can actually *send* email without being
flagged as a spammer requires a different gymnastic at each site: e.g.:
sometimes a relay host is enough, sometimes you need to use a certain
username+password combination with the relay but then all emails will be
sent from a specific address, some time you need to actually *use* that
address in the From: line otherwise emails get discarded...

If somebody wants to work towards adding an Ansible role for setting up
a working MTA, I'll be glad to accept a PR -- but it's a minefield and
I'm not entering it myself.


Riccardo Murri / Email: riccardo.mu...@gmail.com / Tel.: +41 77 458 98 32

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