This weekend I shamelessly leveraged some of the best contest stations in the 
world to manage 47 QSO's in CQ WW CW contest using my new Elecraft toy running 
about 4 watts to an MA8040V vertical.  I used the auto tuner to match the 
antenna on 20m, and I snagged TF3CW, 5Z1A, PZ5C, and TZ5A.  The latter two were 
new band countries, which I really didn't expect during this QRP experiment.  
My favorite QSO was (actually before the contest) with FP/K8DD, who was running 
a K2 at 5 watts to phased verticals on 40 meters.

The receiver did quite well during the contest, even on 40 meters where signals 
were ear popping strong.  Of course it's not as selective as my Omni 6 (which 
has three cascaded crystal filters for CW), but it worked for me.  I never lost 
a QSO due to QRM.  

>From time to time I checked the cabinet area above the encoder knob to see if 
>I could detect any heat from the final transistor, but the cabinet never seems 
>to get warm at all.  I guess that means I did either a really good job or a 
>lousy job of heat sinking Q6.  


Chuck  NI0C

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