Radio and camping is turning out to be not as much fun as I remember so I'm
selling the KX3/PX3 I bought for that purpose.


KX3 serial number 76XX (factory assembled)


Bandpass filter

KXPD3 Paddle


MH3 Mic

BNC-BP binding post

Manual and power cord


PX3 serial 15XX (factory assembled)


Manual and power cord


USB programming cable that works with both the PX3 and KX3



All in excellent physical condition. Latest firmware in both  


The KX3 has one issue (the amp keying transistor is bad), Elecraft says $100
for them to fix it, maybe someone with the skills and equipment can replace
it themselves) All other aspects of the KX3 work perfect. If you don't use
an amp then you'll never know it has the issue.


Considering the issue with the KX3 I will sell the entire package for $1295
shipped and insured in the US. PayPal preferred, I pay the fee.


Please email direct to <>  with any
questions. I prefer to sell as a package, may consider splitting them up if
no one shows interest in the package after a reasonable amount of time





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