While building an irrigation controller for our 32 valves, I discovered it's a bit more complex than that. Taking a clue from my analog-digital watch:

If clock is 1-29 sec ahead of WWV, pushing the button should set the seconds to zero.

If clock is 1-30 sec behind WWV, pushing the button should set the seconds to zero and advance the min by 1.

It gets more complicated if your clock is more than 29 sec ahead or more than 30 sec behind WWV. The easy solution is ... don't ever let that happen. :-))


Fred K6DGW
Sparks NV USA
Washoe County DM09dn


On 9/17/2016 5:22 AM, John Oppenheimer wrote:
Hi Wayne,

Sure would be nice if while in TIME MENU, pushing "3" would set seconds
to zero. This would make it much easier to hack to WWV. Or to maintain
backwards compatibility, program "4" as a seconds hack button.

John KN5L
KX2 #80

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