I have just discovered that I have a trouble with my KXPA100 on 20m, and only on this band.

The set up is a KX3 connected to the KXPA100 using the internal ATU of the KXPA100 ; the fault occurs on the usual antenna (a 2x20 doublet + 450 ohms ladder line) or with a 50 ohms dummy load. The KXPA100 settings are : ANT1, Mode = Man

My first investigations are :

1. I can get 10 watts or under by selecting the power from the KX3 (in
   this range the KXPA100 is by passed)
2. when I select the next power setting (11 watts), the output power
   goes to 0 on the KXPA100 ; on a separate RX (my old K2) I can hear a
   signal coming from the KX3, but weaker than when the kx3 is alone
   under 10 watts ; the drain current for the KXPA100 on 20m is roughly
   the same as for other bands : 7 amps for 30w, 11 amps for 60w, but
   no RF output on 20m
3. when I bypassed the KXPA100, I can get up to 15 watts from the KX3
   alone, so the KX3 seems OK
4. when I try to use the KXPA100 above 10 watts, the green TX is ON as
   for other bands, and other LED are in same status as for other bands

Using the KXPA100 utility, I can see that :

1. when I send an ATU TUNE, the KXPA100 ATU finds a 1.3 SWR on the KX3
   panel and 1.1 on the KXPA100 utility (C= 0pf and 1480 nH) and the
   25w LED lights as for other bands ; the kx3 power at this moment is 5w
2. when I try to TX, the kx3 sent power is coherent with the requested
   KXPA100 power (from 1 to 4 watts), but the SWR goes high (more 5 and
   fluctuating ) forward and reflected powers are 0, and dissipated
   power is high : 130 w !!

Before calling the elecraft support , does somebody has a good idea ?

Tnx in advance

Chris / F6FTB

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