Hi Pete and the forum

I have been having exactly the same problem.
While rotating the VFO, it will suddenly jump to another frequency or band,
usually this seems
to be nearer the band edges. There is a relay click when there ought not to
be one, then further on
the 'jump' happens.

I have been advised to use de-oxit spray on the front panel to motherboard
pins, that did not work.
The next advice from elecraft support was to replace the motherboard male
pins with gold plated pins,
I did this and it seemed to be effective for a few days, but then the
erratic behaviour returned, exactly the same symptoms.
200MHz is a frequently jumped to point, and when i turn off the rig and
back on, it always goes to 28MHz band.

I am suspecting that something in newer firmware is incompatible with the
older K3's,
but have no way to confirm this.

I understand your frustration, I have the same sense of disappointment, and
wonder what to do,
I have been going back to my K2 as it is totally trouble free.

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