Ron –

Your post (below) came at the right moment.  I am about to begin building 
another K2 and wondered whether my anti-static pad, now more than five years 
and ten Elecraft kits old, needs some sort of cleaning to maintain its 
properties; and, if so, what to clean it with – or maybe to replace it.

I have looked and found no brand name on it anywhere, though maybe there was 
one that disappeared when I cut the mat to fit my workspace.  I believe it was 
one of those recommended by Elecraft, but I have no record of it.

Is there a generic cleaner, or would it be safer to begin with a new one?

Forgive my asking this on the reflector rather than by private e-mail; but I 
suspect there may be some other old mats like me out there . . . 



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. . .  Testing a mat requires specialized equipment, so we recommend that you 
choose an anti-static mat
    that comes with published resistance specifications and clean it as 
recommended by the manufacturer. . . . 
    73, Ron AC7AC

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