Hello Ed:

I don't have any experience with mat cleaners. Perhaps some of the other list 
members do.

If your old mat did not come with a resistance value specified, I suggest 
replacing it.  The Elecraft engineer testing a variety of mats found that the 
resistance of a mat without a spec was always far too high to be of practical 

I checked to see if the products suggested are still available. These all have 
resistances in the Gigaohm (1X10^9 ohm) range. 

The U-Line mat can be purchased here:


The Desco 66164 is available here:


The 3M mats seem to have been replaced by this one:


Note that the K2 manual does not make much of an issue about an anti-static 
mat. It's on the bottom of the anti-static priority list Wayne compiled. In the 
interest of full disclosure, I built my K2 while most of my stuff was in 
storage, working solely on a small wooden drawing board using my ESD-Safe iron. 
I simply did the recommended "touch a ground" before each time I reached for a 
transistor, i.c. or pc board and experienced no problems whatsoever. Sixteen 
years later the K2 is still going strong.

73, Ron AC7AC

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Ron –

Your post (below) came at the right moment.  I am about to begin building 
another K2 and wondered whether my anti-static pad, now more than five years 
and ten Elecraft kits old, needs some sort of cleaning to maintain its 
properties; and, if so, what to clean it with – or maybe to replace it.

I have looked and found no brand name on it anywhere, though maybe there was 
one that disappeared when I cut the mat to fit my workspace.  I believe it was 
one of those recommended by Elecraft, but I have no record of it.

Is there a generic cleaner, or would it be safer to begin with a new one?

Forgive my asking this on the reflector rather than by private e-mail; but I 
suspect there may be some other old mats like me out there . . . 



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