Not sure what is locally done in Denmark but as a 2m eme'er I can tell you that 144.000-144.100 is universally restricted to CW-only. 144.100-144.170 is used for digital eme with 144.140 also used for meteor scatter in NA. 144.170-144.200 in the USA is fairly un-used so open for SSB or CW or digital. Above 144.200-144.275 is SSB and 144.275-144.300 is used for beacons.

But I realize a lot of EU only has 144-146 MHz so your national 2m band plan may be quite different than here in the USA. But I would not use 144.076 else you hear from your local eme'rs.

73, Ed - KL7UW

Subject: [Elecraft] OT - JT65 on 2m
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Dear Elecrafters,
After having a lot of DX and fun with WSJT-X on HF using JT65 I was about to
look for the possibilities of activating my 2m transverter in my K3.
WSJT-X suggests 144.489 but on the internet there are a lot of other
frequencies listed among others 144.076, 144.116, 144.160 and 144.120 MHz.
Having just a 4-element horizontal Yagi I will rather ask for advice than
spending a lot of time on empty frequencies.
Vy 73 de OZ1CCM, Kjeld

73, Ed - KL7UW
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