I bought an ac line isolation transformer for my workbench at work some years ago. The building had a horrendous ac line noise and ground faults which mgmt was not willing to pay to correct, so this got the test equipment grounds isolated to avoid discharges into open ckts when using test probes or solder iron. Certainly not an ideal situation.

You should not use this solution at home (dangerous). Fix your grounding system, instead.

Re: antistatic pads: best to use one in doubt. But I would not connect anything to the green wire system. I have antistatic solder station so know its safe, and always work on unpowered ckts - disconnected equipment wiring from PS.

That being said I have done considerable repair and assembly without a pad but using just a wrist strap. Sometimes not even that. I've gotten to know which devices one does not risk and those that appear more durable. But I keep the devices in their antistatic bags until they are installed. I touch my tools to chassis ground before picking the device up and immediately place the device into position for soldering - minimize handling, if possible. RF power devices "seem" more durable than small-signal devices (but they are more expensive). Always use antistatic pad/straps when installing preamp devices.

I detest synthetic clothes so that is not an issue -cotton for me. Be careful of wool clothing. I'm also lucky because our climate is usually humid. Only in deep winter extreme cold will lower humidity to levels where you draw sparks from everything you touch - not a good time to build anything. But if you sit down use antistatic devices and not get up walking around during your sensitive work it should be OK. Best advice is to limit the duration of exposure for the device - beating the odds.

73, Ed - KL7UW
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