The FAQ for the K3s indicated that these K3S DSP boards "May be available
later in 2016..." for use as a retrofit to the K3. I think key word there
being "may". I would expect that once production needs are fully met and
excess becomes available they will be offered as an upgrade for the K3. I
also expect it will be fairly expensive, as this is not just a simple update
to the original K3 DSP board as the older upgrade was.

Bruce N1RX

Grant wrote:
"The K3DSPUPGD is the Rev D upgrade for earlier K3's, which I've had for a
long time (well, actually a Rev C with the LPF board).

The upgrade I'm referring to is the the K3S DSP board (with updated audio
amps for reduced IMD).  When the K3S was announced, the indication was that
this newer board would be made available to K3 owners as an upgrade."

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