I have not installed any of the K3S lookalike modules but was up to date
with all the mods until then.  I remember seeing that I could not load some
level unless I had the new synth boards.  I suspect I cannot load any more
code updates after that.


Does the code yet recognize where I am and load the latest code applicable
to my level?


Am I locked into a "latest level for my machine"?  


What is that level?  


Can I still get it if I am not totally up to date?


Love my machine - I (me, myself, only me, etc.) have made over 10000
contacts in the last 5 years of W6P Special Event 9 days periods and I am
not a contest person.  This is my favorite event of all.  I actually cannot
get on my radio very often and not for very long but do everything I can to
play with my K3 as W6P during Route 66 On-The-Air.


73, Jim KG0KP, K3 1442 since new

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