How is the K3S RS-232 menu parameter configured.
If you are using the internal USB port in the K3S, it should be set to "USB"
If you are using an external USB to serial adapter, set the parameter to 38400.

The COM port that is assigned by your PC should be the one you need to use.
A side-note - if you always plug to the same computer USB port, that COM port number should stay the same, but if you plug into a different USB port, the COM number will likely change. Such is the state of things with the computer OS and we have to live with it.

For the PTT, the same COM port can be used for both rig control and PTT. Set the K2 CONFIG menu PTT-KEY parameter to agree with your application - PTT will be driven with either RTS or DTR - the application and the K3 must agree on which one is used.


On 9/20/2016 5:25 PM, Howard Sherer wrote:
I am running a K3s and the issue is with the USB com port. First, the com
port assignment is com 27 which seems strange for my simple PC set up. I
have tried to go into the Windows control panel and change it to a lower #
available port, but it will not take, but this is not the issue.

My problem is that the com port will sometimes be recognized by the K3
utility or other programs as either 9600 or 38400 baud on a totally random
basis. If I connect at 9600 the K3s will after a while change its port rate
to 38400 and I have to close the program that I am using and re start it at
38400. This will work fine for a while until the K3s then resets it baud
rate again to 9600 and I have to re start the program that I am using.

Using programs like WSJT-X which now has rig control is very frustrating
and I usually just turn off the rig control and use the com 27 only for ptt
control. I have even had issues while using WSJT-X and the rig control,
that will change the K3s com port to a new baud rate between Rx & Tx

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