I want to purchase a K3s and will have filters moved along with other
add-ons. This lightly used K3 will include the tuner and  mods added to the
original unit. I have the documentation and we can work with the factory to
help you decide if you would like to add additional updates at your own
expense.  You can have the factory add your equipment which save you money
as I will be paying to remove what I wish to keep, like second receiver and
my filters, recorder and two meter module.  I will also included the 6 meter
preamp.  I will have the factory do the work and thoroughly check the K3
before selling and will pay for shipping from the factory once complete.
You can add more equipment and add-ons at your expense. If interested, I
will send you a list of what has been done and what will be done to make
your purchase a super great one.  Please contact me off reflector for more
details. The benefit: you get a factory built and updated basic K3 which is
a fabulous radio.  Scanned copies of orginial equipment and later factory
updates will be provided on request.  


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