Thank you for your fine words. They are appreciated. I continue to help where I can.


On 9/20/2016 8:39 PM, WILLIE BABER wrote:
Hello Don,

You may never  know how many folks you have helped-out who are K2 owners.  As I 
mentioned in an earlier post, I didn't finish my K2/100 until very recently, 
serial number 0086.....four years after I retired!  So, as you know, I had to 
do lots of mods. I think I got  them all.

Your posts got me through several issues, including the keying wave-form mod, 
alignment of the crystal filter (I used the newer crystals based on your post 
about  this--a big difference in my case), the power output instability problem 
(which led me to the Elecraft mod on this).....and some more stuff I don't 
recall now.  I don't think there was one issue that I searched on that didn't 
include a response from you.  All your advice was dead on, too.

Anyone wanting to build K2 has a resource on this reflector in your advice. 
Thanks  for all your advice and easy to follow instructions.

I guess K2 is a legacy radio but it will out perform all those up-conversion 
radios, hands down.  Sweet sound too.  You may never need a K3!

73, Will, wj9b
Kx1, K2, so2r K3/P3

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