You need a new MCU crystal to fix it.
Sometimes it can be recovered by opening the KX3 and heating the crystal for 30 seconds or so with a soldering iron - but that is a temporary work-around.
It needs to go back to Watsonville to have the crystal changed.
Contact to start the process of obtaining an RSA.


On 9/22/2016 11:43 AM, Michael Dinkelman via Elecraft wrote:
I bought a used KX3 back in June. It's a very early production device (#109).
Been great all summer as a mobile in my truck. (Just did 1000 miles in the 
Salmon Run)
Past two days, it hasn't turned on when I started off to work in the 
morning.Yesterday, thought it was a loose connection, opened it up, at 
work,nothing obvious. Powered up after I put it back together. Worked fineon 
the way home.
Today, same thing. This time, I just brought it inside at work and let itwarm 
up. Powered up right up.
If you press BAND- / ATU Tune (in that order) it just clicks.
If you press ATU Tune / BAND-  (in that order) the backlight come on, but 
nothing else.
I figure the temps have been in the high 30's F, maybe low 40's F  the past 
couple days

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