Recently finished the install of the KRX3 receiver and two KSYN3A
synthesizers in my K3. I have had the 2nd receiver sitting in its box too
long, but family problems was the priority the last year or so. When the new
KSYN3a came out, it looked like a good option to install also.

My K3 was a factory assembled unit, so the only opening up of it previously
was to install a few optional filters, a simple task. I had read a number of
sub-receiver installs on the web, so I knew I was going to have to dig down
into the radio a little further.
Fortunately, as I proceeded, the install was smooth. Pulling off and then
reinstalling the front panel was simple. Assembling the sub-receiver was
pretty simple also. As I got everything ready to start the final effort to
install the rather large sub-receiver into the K3, I wondered how I was
going to fit it in the space, line up two multi-pin DC/control connectors,
push a few coax’s out of the way and line up two holes for the two hold-down
screws that go thru the sub- receiver assy.  Although this sounds
complicated, it really was not, especially if you slightly tilt the
sub-receiver toward the front mating dc/control connector and then start
lowering it slowly into the space. Elecraft did a good job of getting
everything built precisely so that the fit is precise but easily
Worth waiting for!

Roger W5RDW 

Roger W5RDW
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