i built & maintain a new K3 for our local clubstation. We are preparing for the upcoming Worked All Germany Contest and found the transmitted signal being raspy, broad , just awful.

We talked to a few 'tech guys' on the bands and they all agreed that this comes from a too low bias setting in the power amp.

With power levels below 12Watts all is good.
So i temporarily swapped the PA with a known working KPA3 (from my own K3 ,ser >3000). The results were good.

I understand that the bias is factory set, OTOH there are 2 pots labeled bias adjust . These pots are out of reach when KPA3A is operational.
How can i check for the bias and fix this problem myself?

The Contest is this weekend. All help appreciated.


Ohne CW ist es nur CB..

73, Martin DM4iM
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