My computer is running the pre-anniversary edition of Windows 10 Professional.


I just started K3_EZ V2.0.0.8, and it works fine.  I forget features of that 
version seemed to have bugs, but I also have an older edition installed as 
well.  It may have a problem saving TX/RX EQ settings, but I'm not sure.


I always liked the program, which was developed by N2BC.  It hasn’t been 
updated for a long time.


For those not familiar with it, here’s a summary of the features from the help 


Overview:  K3EZ is designed to provide the following basic functions:

*    A simple frequency ‘Stacking’ function with most of the K3 front panel 
buttons available to ‘click and change’

*    An easy to use frequency memory database

*    An easy to use graphic display and Set and Get of RX and TX Equalizers 
with a saved setting database

*    Basic K3 information (COM port, Firmware levels, installed options, 
filters, etc.)

*    A formatted and functionally organized display of the majority of the K3 
CONFIG settings

*    An easy to use K3 Command Utility, formats K3 responses in ASCII or HEX

*    SWR Scan function to sample and graph SWR

With the exception of the K3 RX and TX equalizers, the program DOES NOT change 
K3 CONFIG settings.  It does provide easy to use access to the settings, but 
YOU make the changes!


73, Jim N7US



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Has anyone gotten K3 EZ to run under Windows 10?  It worked fine for me under 
Windows 7 but no luck on Windows 10.  Thanks.


NWØM  Mitch


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