The "sweet spot" for the K3/K3S or KX3 is most anywhere in the 300 to 3000 Hz range. That is *IF* you are using DATA A submode where the TX and RX equalization is set to flat and the compression is turned off.

If you are trying to use SSB mode, you can follow the "internet advice", but the using the Elecraft gear, you should follow the Elecraft manual - it behaves differently than most transceivers and has special provisions for data modes that are absent in other transceivers.

The Fldigi manual is written for the 'other' transceivers because they are more plentiful.


On 10/13/2016 9:33 PM, Thorpe, Jeffrey wrote:
I'm going though the FLDigi manual and have come across (at the "Operating Controls 
and Displays" section, regarding the QSY button) a reference to the 'sweet spot' and 
setting parameters for it in the configuration screen. How do you find that? Is that just 
a 'given' at a particular frequency for the KX3 with the filter option installed?

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