Wayne posted this message early in the K3S era:


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Generally it's supposed to be "K3S" (capital). Please use that in email.

However, on the radio itself, and in the owner's manual (etc.) we use a 
slightly \
smaller capital "S". To be specific, about 85% of a full-height capital. This 
just \
seemed like the right thing to do. Don't get me started on branding and graphic 

I'm looking forward to seeing a blog post with the official "S" scaling :)



That seems pretty "Elecraft official" to me :-)

Phil W7OX

On 10/14/16 7:59 AM, Charlie T, K3ICH wrote:
Due to the odd way Elecraft chose to label the new K3s, I would request that
when referring to multiple radios, use the terms K3's or K3s' rather than
simply K3s which implies a single radio.

73, Charlie k3ICH

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