While I continue to review the list archives, I am requesting feedback from the 
group with regard to possible failure modes of the KIO2 board. This rig is in 
loan to me, with the loaner stating that it was claimed working when he 
acquired it from a previous owner, but had not himself tested serial operation.

K2/100 SN 879

Performed configuration and testing outlined in the KIO2 manual. Tests tried 
with no positive results:
- Known good FTDI serial-to-USB interface
- known good "real" serial port.
- serial breakout cable configured per manual.

I have not yet put pins 2 and 3 on the scope to determine if the board has 
failed. I am interested if anyone else has wrestled, and won, KIO2 failures.

Of course, I am open to configuration and user error on my part. I have been 
prone to foolishness in the past.

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville y'all.

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