Hi Steve, if you're still using DXLabs, you can use MultiPSK, which utilizes 
the "Commander" module of DXLab Suite.  That's what I do, and it works 
perfectly.  No additional hardware needed with the K3S, just the USB interface 
from the radio to the PC.  Only thing to watch out for is to make sure 
Commander is set to "DATA-U" mode so the audio generated by your PC will be 
ported to the DATA input on the radio.  That has gotten me a few times.

Give me a call some time if you need more info.

Ken, KJ9B

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I looked in the owners manual and did a search for JT-65 and nothing was found. 
What do I need to do to use JT-65? I was told once and forgot. I want to know 
again and I will save it this time. Thanks in advance.


Steven Stuckey - AC9GK - Indiana

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