The Lithium family of battery chemistries all drop in voltage as battery capacity is used. At lower voltages, the KX2 IMD goes up, so the firmware reduces power output to maintain a clean signal.

The choices seem to be:

  Keep going with 5W and enjoy QRP.
  Pack up the radio, go home, and enjoy a beverage of your choice.
  Use an external battery pack.

Other chemistries, like NiCd and NiMH, tend to hold their output voltage longer into the discharge cycle. They might be a better, although heavier, choice for an external battery pack.

73 Bill AE6JV

On 10/16/16 at 5:31 AM, (Howard Sherer) wrote:

I have been running my KX2 with the Elecraft supplied batt pack for the
past two weeks and have a question for others using the same. I can run the
KX2 at 10W only till I have used 1.12 AH of the batt capacity and its key
up V=11.0 and key down is 10.3. At this time I can only run the KX2 at 5W.
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