Thanks to Phil W7OX who dug out Wayne's "official" email back when the
capital S issue first arose:

Wayne posted this message early in the K3S era:


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Generally it's supposed to be "K3S" (capital). Please use that in email.

However, on the radio itself, and in the owner's manual (etc.) we use a
slightly \
smaller capital "S". To be specific, about 85% of a full-height capital.
This just \
seemed like the right thing to do. Don't get me started on branding and
graphic \

I'm looking forward to seeing a blog post with the official "S" scaling :)


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Actually, way back when the K3S was introduced, we poked a lot of fun at not
being able to distinguish the new K3S from the possessive of a K3 or the
quantities of K3Ss.  Those of us involved in those exchanges were clear when
Wayne "suggested" that we use K3S (capital S) for the new radio when posting
here to avoid confusion.  The problem exists because, for marketing and
registration issues, Elecraft elected to use a *smaller font capital S for
the S in K3S*.  If you think about it, you will notice that we have no
choice of a font selection here on this reflector for a smaller capital S.
So, the obvious fix for here was to use K3S (capital S) for the new radio.
I think Wayne tried to explain that back then and some new users just don't
understand why, and consequently, attempt to mimic the artistic expression
of the new radio graphic logo.  If you look closely at the Elecraft web site
you will see that much of the new literature and reference to the K3S on the
site has begun to evolve into the K3S (capital S) probably for the sake of

Wayne may jump in to clarify, but that's what I recall.  

Terry  W0FM

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