As many of you know I suffer extreme hearing loss (especially high freqs), so Don's comment really hit home for me. Several years ago I debated buying a home theater system with prof. speakers as I wondered if I could discern the improvement. I found that having very linear response from 50-Hz to 20KHz improved understanding of voice on the TV as well as enjoyable music.

Later, I found choosing the flat response program in my hearing aids also provided the crispest voices and better understanding.

Long ago I bought a pair of Sony stereo headsets for listening to weak signals on ham radio. Appears that also was a good move.

So even if the audio output is restricted to 300-4000 Hz the speaker reproduces that faithfully.

My new blue-tooth capable hearing aids have much wider freq response as I am hearing a wider range from low to high freq. The plus is my iphone connects directly to my hearing aids for best hearing in public (and that half is private). I have yet to try using bluetooth with my K3. Let you know how that sounds, later.

73, Ed - KL7UW
PS: my KX3 audio will be connected to the truck speakers via sync; more on that, later.

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In my opinion, a speaker should not "color" the audio response of the

While it is true that there is not normally much response above 4000Hz
from a ham transceiver, the speaker should not be the limiting factor.

IMHO, the best characteristic of a speaker is the flatness of its
response curve rather than its frequency range.  A speaker with a flat
response will allow you to hear the transceiver "as it should be"
without distortion. So my vote is for "High-Fidelity" speakers.


73, Ed - KL7UW
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