"Due to the odd way Elecraft chose to label the new K3s, I would request
when referring to multiple radios, use the terms K3's or K3s' rather than
simply K3s which implies a single radio."

Please. let us not fall into the improper use of the apostrophe
that is so common these days. One example above is correct for he
possessive, as in
 " the K3's output on 10M is...."   For plural, "we both brought our K3s to
Field Day."

The term K3s' (or K3S') has no valid meaning, grammatically speaking.
You'd need to write "the K3S's output on 10M is...." for the possessive.
And probably " we both brought our new K3Ses to Field Day"

One we get that fixed, we can work on eliminating "Comprised of"

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