Our entire product line emphasizes portability, so we'll just have to continue 
the never-ending search for 12 volt mojo. (Note: the new Upgrade is a case of 
this; IMD is improved when running from lower voltages.)

Stick with Elecraft and minimize your carbon footprint!


On Oct 17, 2016, at 5:48 PM, Guy Olinger K2AV <k2av....@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 7:47 PM, Kevin <ksto...@ac0h.net> wrote:
>> The problem I have is accepting the status quo by Elecraft. Just because
>> everybody else is around -30dB shouldn't mean Elecraft stop trying to do
>> better. Let the portable/backpacking rigs use 12V MOSFETS and switch the
>> desktop model K3(s) to higher voltage finals. Yeah, yeah, I know, the K3(s)
>> is supposed to be portable capable. How many people take their K3(s) out in
>> the sticks...ever...save Field Day?
> Oh yeah.
> "Just" change the supply voltage. AND the PA. And would that much heat
> dissipation even fit in the same space?  OK. Everybody ready to go out and
> buy a 28 volt power supply for the new K3S? The range of 12 volt supplies
> is way, way broader than 28 volt. The Astron LS35M  35A@28VDC is 380
> dollars. Oh, a built-in? Where does it go in the case?
> And does the K3S add an internal inverter to produce 12V for everything
> else from the 28V?
> Lot of expense for a small improvement that they can get with a freebee
> change to a late developing gift improvement for the cost of shipping.
> What would be a practical way to actually introduce such a change? Lay out
> all the specifics involved. Let's see your critical path item by item plan.
> It's cheep and easy to just blurt out "they oughta go to 28 volts."
> 73, Guy K2AV

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