Howdy y'all. Happy day. Do hope your holiday season is nicely warming up
and causing a smile or two.

Mike wrote:

>The only thing
> that was done was I put up the Christmas lights on our balcony. After the
> process of elimination I found the extension cord feeding the lights was
> issue! When the extension cord is removed from the balcony the issue is
> solved. As a matter of fact all that has to be done is unpluging it from
> outlet on the balcony.
> 73
> Mike

I have watched over the years, with amusement, with exasperation and about
everything in between as people blame the little black K3 box in front of
them for what was ailing them, even though a little minor statistical work
in the Elecraft archives should give them a real distrust of that gut

There is a well-founded reason for that instinctive gut lurch, methinks.
Humans have been around way way longer than recorded history, and way, way,
way, way longer than electronically equipped humans.

Instinctive behavior is formed by an eon of humans making the wrong
decision in the instant, and paying for it with their lives. That in turn
meant that any progeny with the same unuseful inherited  instincts were
reduced, perished because of lack of support, or never happened in the
first place. The ones with the correct gut lurch lived to have

If there actually will be any change in normative instinctive behavior
because of electronics in our lives, for sure none of us will be around to
see it. Neither will our
great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren. No effect on
whether we die, no opportunity for any Darwinian effect.

So we are stuck with our instinctive gut lurches. One of those instinctive
gut lurches is that the thing right in front of us is the problem. Actually
that's a good one, if we look over the entire time span of human population.

That mean, hungry-looking sabre-tooth tiger right in front of us REALLY IS
the problem. The gut lurch that swings into action before we have time to
think, it's a life-saver.

Then understanding ourselves, if we do not train ourselves to look around
when something goes wrong, INSTINCT will direct us to tear apart the K3,
just because it's the thing in front of us, even when the trouble is the 15
meter resonant piece of the Christmas decorations.

Oh lordy, I love that story. I just about choked on my coffee when I read
it.  An electronic parable for the ages.

73, y'all and remember to look outside the box before shipping it to

Guy K2AV
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