Hi, thanks for the information. I just sent an email to Elecraft support to let 
me know if I should check something prior the utilization of the couplers I 
already have.

I really like to manual switch idea…. But I still wondering fi I could use the 
AUX behind the K-Pod to manually switch between the 2 couplers already have, by 
creating a small circuit using a relay. It could be a good way to maximise the 
use of the K-Pod too?!?!

Also, the information given by the P3 compared with the W2….. major difference 
??? more accurate ??? What are the major goals to use antenna couplers with P3 
instead of a W2 ???

Thanks for the information.

73 de Jeff | VA2SS 

Jeff | VA2SS
Jean-François Ménard

jean-francois.men...@va2ss.com <mailto:jean-francois.men...@va2ss.com>
www.VA2SS.com <http://www.va2ss.com/>

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