Hello to the group. 

I have downloaded both the KAT500 and KPA500 remote software. I am using them at
my remote site. I have a Windows 10 computer that I can access via Anydesk or

I am unable to connect to either program in a Server/Client combination. I keep
getting a message that "failed to connect".

What I have done so far is:

I am able to Ping the host PC from a couple of other computers within the same
I am able to get the programs working if I connect directly to the remote
computer (using either the Host IP address or local host)
I temporarily disabled all firewall programs on all computers
I cannot connect from 2 separate computers on the same network (Windows 7)
At the remote site I have an ethernet switch that I connected to directly and
was still not able to access the computer about 5 feet away
I have made sure that the port has been opened in my DSL router (although when
using the same network I realize that this is not required)
I have the latest  firmware in both the KPA500 and KAT 500
Not quite sure what I am doing wrong. Any assistance would be greatly
appreciated as I am presently at the remote site for the weekend.



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