I have just finished building a K2 and the KPA100 as one of my options. 
After sending the radio and all the components to Mr. Don Wilhelm, W3FPR, I
realized I needed the KAT100 tuner to work with my antennas.  So I have
decided to leave my K2 as a basic rig and sell the KPA100.  

The KPA100 is completely assembled and has been professionally aligned and
calibrated by Mr. Don Wilhelm, W3FPR.  Mr. Don has also been generous to me
and informed me to let the buyer know that the KPA100 will come with his
90-day workmanship warranty!!  The KPA100 is actually at Don's QTH right

I am asking $425 OBO.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional needed information.

Thank You

Jeremy Mullican, K5BIU

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