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The Pro Audio Engineering Kx32 Heatsink has more surface area than any other commercially available KX3 heatsink. Regarding mass, more is not necessarily better. If you take two heatsinks with the same surface area, on the initial key-down the one with more mass gives a longer initial warmup time. Unfortunately it also retains heat longer, meaning on the subsequent transmit cycles, it still retains heat from the previous cycle. We strove to minimize the mass of our heatsinks, the limitation ended up being rigidity and resistance of the fins to damage.

The limitation on convective heatsink efficiency is not the thermal conductivity of aluminum, it is surface area. Our tests show very little thermal Δ (delta if your browser is ASCII only!) across the area of any given heatsink of almost any convective design. This is because the limitation is dissipation due to convection. If you model the thermal path as a series string of resistances, the aluminum is very low resistance and the surface to air resistance is very high.

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