It can depend on whether you're right or left-handed Bret, although it doesn't always.Right-handers almost always want dots on the thumband dashes on the fingers [it's called the "Tyranny of the Majority"]. Some left-handers like to reverse that, many do not, I am one, left-handed bugs were way outside my price range years ago. I have a second paddle set up on the left of the keyboard, also "right handed" which I tend to use the most.

The good news:  You can change the sense of your paddle in the K3s menuso:

Connect the frame of the key to the sleeve of the plug. Connect one of the others to the ring of the connector, and the third to the tip connection. Plug it into paddle jack and go into TX TEST. Try it out. If you're right-handed you probably want the dots on the thumb. If they're not, hold MENU to get into CONFIG, use VFO B knob to get to CW PADL, and use VFO A to change it.

Both ways with a K-line, no extra charge.


Fred ("Skip") K6DGW
Sparks NV USA
Washoe County DM09dn

On 8/12/2017 4:29 PM, MaverickNH wrote:
I'm signed up for CW Academy Sept-Oct and picked up a used K8RA P4 Key It has three thumbscrew wire
connectors on top at the back. How do I connect that to my K3S?


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