A few weeks ago I posted this problem, worked on it a bit, then got
distracted into other projects.  I am now back trying to resolve the faulty
SWR issue with My KX3.  The problem only occurs on 160, 80 and 60 meters.

Using a known good dummy load and cable the indicated SWR on the KX3 is
high --- 1.8 to one using 10 watts.  An external wattmeter/SWR meter shows
the Dummy Load as a perfect load.  The reflected power needle does not move.

I have done repeated Power Out Calibrations with the KXPA100 (not relevant,
I know).  The KX3 shows the same faulty SWR Readings with or without the
KXPA100.  Of course the ATU mode is in bypass.  But, when the ATU is
active, it matches, shows a proper SWR briefly, then shows the faulty
reading as the rig transmits.

It was a factory built unit S/N 4932.

I'm stumped.  I guess it is time to send it home for healing.

Dave, K4TO
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