I just installed the KXV3B board, upgrading from the KXV3A. When I went to
do the 1mW calibration at the end, the calibration failed because the SWR
was 2.9:1 on 52 MHz. I tried a couple more times, with different dummy
loads and cables and found the same result.

I then connected an external SWR meter to the dummy load and found that the
external SWR meter showed a flat 1:1 SWR with the dummy load (as expected)
but the K3 SWR value was always higher, typically 1.4 or 1.5:1 up to 2.9:1
on 52 MHz into the dummy load. The tuner works perfectly on all bands,

Has anyone had a similar issue? I can’t quite tell if the problem is in the
KAT3 or on the K3 main board, and more importantly what the fix might be.
Also, since the 1mW calibration failed, are there any other workarounds?
Many thanks in advance!

73 de John, WK8A
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