Good Evening,

    I received weather reports from Alaska to Alabama and from Michigan to California.  The coldest was 0 F in North Dakota but Rick did mention below zero for his morning low.  The folks in California are basking in their early spring.  Here there are tiny bugs in the air so those hummingbirds are not far off.  QSB was on everyone.  Sometimes the signal would go from near ESP to S8. Luckily it was slow QSB the fast fluttering kind really chops up characters.

On 14049.5 kHz at 2300z:

NO8V - John - MI

W0CZ - Ken - ND

K6XK - Roy - IA

KS4L - Randy - AL

K4JPN - Steve - GA

On 7045 kHz at 0100z:

KG7V - Marv - WA

W0CZ - Ken - ND

K0DTJ - Brian - CA

KL7CW - Rick - AK

K6PJV - Dale - CA

You folks in the Midwest: bundle up and warm up those shovel arms, you are going to be locating your mailboxes tomorrow.


         Kevin.  KD5ONS

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