With the lack of sunspots, one has to scrounge for QSO's. For a non big gun station, that means a lot of S&P and pouncing on DX cluster spots.
Lots of hopping between modes.

I use earphones always but still find it necessary to tinker with fan speed. Keeping ambient KPA500 fan noise down and minimizing annoying fan speed changes during QSO's, requires different initial fan speed levels for different modes.

To adjust fan speed from the KPA500 front panel:
1) Press Menu
2) Scroll down 5 times to FAN CTL
3) Press Edit
4) Scroll up or down to value
5) Back out (2 presses)
6) Press TEMP, PWR or whatever parameter you choose to display while operating.

This got to be a pain. W6FB at Elecraft suggested using the ^FC command to make the changes over the PC connection. You could write your own program or use the firmware program to do this. I used the firmware program and programmed macros for speeds 0 - 4. The firmware program is minimized most of the time since it takes up significant screen space. It does require a dedicated USB or COM port.

It is crude but does help. Any better ideas? Maybe the aux key could be pressed into service to scroll fan speed. What would really be nice is to have it automatic with the KPA500 knowing the mode your operating and what fan speed you like for that mode. I suppose some logging program could do the same.

Another solution for some-- buy a KPA1500 which is supposed to be whisper quiet.

73 de Brian/K3KO

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