There is a new release of Win4K3Suite.  This release corrects an error with a 
missing DLL when a SDRPlay RSP1A is used and improves the RIT/XIT function.

One of the useful features of Win4K3Suite is that it interfaces to all 3rd 
party logging and digital mode programs such as HRDLogbook, DX Keeper, NAP3, 
N3FJP, N1MM+, FLDigi, MIXW as well as hardware devices such as the K3/0, the 
Pig Knob and various antenna tuners and amps.  In order to understand how to do 
this, there is a video on youtube that gives clear instructions on using the 
virtual port management facilities of Win4K3Suite:  You can access it at


In case you are not aware, Win4K3Suite is a comprehensive control program for 
the Elecraft K3, K3S, KX3 and KX2.  It supports all hardware such as the 
KPA500, KPA1500 and KAT500 even on the KX2.
Win4K3Suite has built in panadapter support for the P3, LPPAN and the SDRPlay 
RSP. There is no configuration necessary to support all modes and filter 
settings for QSY's.

You can read user reviews here:

There is a fully functional 30 day trial available at va2fsq.com
73 Tom

P.S. Someone made a request for synchronous AM but I have misplaced the email.  
Please contact me off list.

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