Is the KAT set to manual or auto tune?  They are noisy while tuning, be sure
to follow the manual's procedure.

I have never used the KPA utility, can't you disable Norton to download it?

John KK9A

Steve Wilson Wrote:

Hi there,
I'm assisting my godfather with setting up a new KAT500 & KPA500 to add to
his K3/P3.
Issues I am having:
1) KAT500 makes quite a racket whenever keying up. It seems to settle down,
but as soon as I speak, it freaks out again. He has two antennas...a hex
beam on ant 1 and a G5RV on ant 2. The KAT500 seems to behave the same on
2) He is running Norton on his PC. Norton allowed me to download the KAT500
utility, but not the KPA500 utility. It automatically deletes it. What's up
with that?
Thanks for any assistance. I tried to contact Elecraft support, but I guess
I was too close to closing. 
Thanks, Steve  KO6L

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