Thanks to all for the support.
I will use a resistor between 5 and 10 ohm.

Best regards, Graziano iw2noy

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Il giorno 9 feb 2018, 00:43, alle ore 00:43, "hawley, charles j jr" 
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>The resistor is in series from a 5 vdc source. The pod takes
>alternatively about 50 ma from 9 to 15 vdc. So I would think any
>resistor from 6.8 to maybe up to 10.
>Chuck Hawley
> c-haw...@illinois.edu
> Amateur Radio, KE9UW
> aka Jack, BMW Motorcycles
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>Subject: [Elecraft] K-Pod Power from data port for k3s serial 10511
>Hello to all,
>This saturday I decided to install in my k3s the second receiver KRX3A
>with two filters and the KDVR3 that I bought last month.
>In the future, hope very near, I am interested to buy also a k-pod.
>I read the k-pod manual and I seen that to power the k-pod directly
>from the data Port there is a modification to apply.
>My k3s is serial number 10511 so is one of those that needs the mod.
>I thought to do the mod this Saturday, to open the k3s only one time
>but I can't find a 6.8 ohm resistor in my rubbish.
>Is it necessary absolutely a 6.8 ohm or is possible to use other value
>more diffuse? Maybe a value near to 6.8 ohm or other combination?
>What exactly does this mod ?
>Any help, please ?
>Thanks a lot in advance , best regards, Graziano iw2noy
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