I’ve been playing with various macros to control RIT and XIT, and am seeing 
some oddities.  Not necessarily bugs, but these do not seem to be optimal.

If you have a K3 without the Sub Rx, turning on XIT will change the transmit 
frequency on whichever VFO is set to transmit: VFO A if Split is off, VFO B is 
split is on.  The receive frequency is not affected.  XIT affects VFO A only in 
transmit, and VFO B when in Split.  Perfect.

If you have Sub Rx, turning on XIT with both Sub Rx and Split active 
immediately changes the VFO B frequency (which is now a receive frequency).  
VFO B is being handled as it is with the Sub Rx, which seems (to me) not quite 
right.  It would make more sense (I think) if XIT was only applied to VFO B 
during transmit when the SubRx is active and Split is on. 

The other oddity is the display of the cursors on the P3 when controlling 
RIT/XIT using macros.  If you control XIT using the front panel button, the red 
cursor is shown and removed as XIT is on or off.  If, however, you turn on XIT 
(with an offset other than zero) by using the XT1 macro, XIT is enabled but the 
cursor is not displayed.  If you move the Offset control, then the cursor is 

Similarly, if you turn on XiT using the front panel button (enabling the red 
cursor), turning XIT off using XT0 will turn off XIT but the P3 will still show 
the cursor.  Not a big deal, but less than optimal.

RIT does something similar.  If you turn RIT on using RT0 (with an offset other 
than zero), the receive frequency change is not reflected on the P3 display and 
the green cursor does not move unless you move the Offset control. Turning RIT 
off using RT0 will indeed turn off RIT but the cursor and frequency display on 
the P3 do not update.  In addition, if you now move VFO A the frequency/cursor 
shown on the P3 continue to be offset by the (now disabled) RIT offset.  Using 
the front panel RIT controls show none of these oddities.

You can sort of work around the P3 problems using SWT commands, but it’s not 
quite the same since button presses are toggles (rather than absolute commands 
like RT and XT) which requires knowing the current state of the function.

K3 fw 5.62, P3 FW 1.60

Ken K6MR

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