It is the "custom" for CW mode to use LSB on the bands below 20 meters and CW USB on 20 meters and the bands above it.

Hiram Percey decided that long ago.

73,   Roy     K6XK

I for one like the tuning direction of the Elecraft rigs in CW (LSB).
When I began ham radio using much older receivers, I liked listening
with the BFO set to LSB.  My perception was "If the pitch goes up, I am
tuning to a higher frequency".  Those receivers did not have very good
frequency resolution and it helped me in tuning correctly.

I realize that is my preference, others like it the other way around.
It is easy to set the Elecraft gear to CW reverse, and that is "sticky",
so you only have to change it once for each band.

It is a designer's choice, so I guess Wayne agrees with me because he
made LSB CW the default.

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